Fall Concert Looks

When it comes to concerts in the fall, it’s not really considered “concert/festival szn” especially because how cold it gets at night. However, if you’re one to go to concerts year round then here’s a little guide on what to wear when it gets colder than it does on summer nights. 

Denim on Denim

Obviously you still want to stand out… and that’s where denim on denim comes in. In my opinion, it’s a bold but killer outfit choice. Denim is just one of those things that always looks good, you can always always find a good denim piece if you look. On top of this, it’s not a popular option—so stand out and rock your denim on denim.


Staple Accessory

My must have staple accessory for concerts are belts. You can easily transform any normal outfit by throwing on a statement belt. Lately my favorites have been chain belts on top of denim skirts. 



Band Tee & Thigh Highs

Wear this look for an edgy concert. Show off your bad ass style with your favorite vintage band tee, a statement jacket, and thigh highs. 


Midi Skirts 

Because you never know what the weather is going to be late at night, and if you’re going to be cold in the crowd or not, midi skirts are something that you can work with in this situation. Preferably, I enjoy flowy midi-skirts that you can style with booties and a jacket. These are super unique and I guarantee you will be probably be one of the only people wearing something like this—which is a good thing in my opinion! 



Danielle Glanz