I think we can all agree that the LF sale is a huge deal. While this post is mostly sarcastic, it's also mostly real.

Picture this:
You walk through the LF glass doors and suddenly your mouth drops at the overwhelming sight. You have never seen a store look so much like a train wreck. Did a dump truck of clothes literally just crash through the walls and unload piles and piles of clothes to the floors of LF and no one thought to do anything about it? You think to yourself, where the hell do I even begin?! So you walk to the first pile you see that’s honestly taller than you are and strategize with yourself how you’re going to approach this. How are you going to find that shirt you’ve been eyeing for months now? Where is all the Carmar you’ve been dying for? Should you even try looking for the bralettes you’ve been wanting? After an hour and a half of sticking your hands deep into the piles and pulling out anything that you can get your hands on in your size, you finally make your way over to the dressing room with your arms shaking from all the clothes you’re carrying. The worker kindly smiles at you with a clipboard full of names that are already waiting for a dressing room and puts your name down somewhere towards the bottom and you have accepted that the sale has defeated you–even though your wardrobe is about to be a 10/10.

If you know LF, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here are some pointers for those looking how to strategically approach this disaster zone sale. While it sounds intimidating and so extra, it is effective—and trust me, with the prices they're offering you are going to want to learn how to better tackle this. 

1. KNOW what you are looking for. 

This is obviously not a must, but if you know what you’re looking for before you go in to the store, chances are if you ask the workers directly they will be likely to help you out. They have clothes in the back as well as additional sizes, so if you simply show the workers pictures of what you might be looking for, they always seem happy to help in my experience. 
My advice: look on the LF instagram for some inspiration. They post a ton and by doing this you will go in to the sale with a plan and confidence. 

2. Don’t fear the piles on piles of clothes. 

It looks intimidating but don’t give up. You may walk in and think “oh my god I am not about to deal with this” but trust me, they only have this insane sale prices every so often so it’s honestly worth it. I would consider myself a very smart shopper, I absolutely know if other places will have similar clothing for better prices, but in this case LF has some of the most unique pieces I’ve ever come across. That’s why I take the sale seriously! 
My advice: Don’t worry if you look silly reaching your hands deep inside the freaking huge piles of clothes. Everyone does it and that’s how you’re going to find all the hidden gems. 

3. Have a plan in the dressing room.

After you have the pile of clothes you are going to potentially buy and try one, create a mental plan. You want to get in and out of there quickly because the mobs and mobs of girls coming in and out of the store don’t stop—and usually, the LF stores and pretty tiny. While you’re trying clothes on, make sure to keep a pile yes and a no pile. This sounds so simple but it’s important to stay calm and organized when you finally get a chance to try the clothes on and there’s already a line forming behind you. Keep a mental note of all the prices while you do this so you can walk out knowing how much you’re about to spend instead of standing at the cash register with your jaw dropped. 

4. Locate where items are as you walk in. 

Usually jackets are hanging on the racks, tops are thrown into a huge pile along with the denim, the shoes are usually stacked on a shelf, and the accessories are almost always near the cash register. You will probably have a hard time trying to find the bralettes, but in my experience they are usually always shoved into some kind of baskets or on shelf cubes.

5. WAIT for prices to go down.

Prices ALWAYS go down towards the end of the sale. My advice is to try and recognize which pieces would definitely be sold out by the time this happens. For example, their signature pieces will always almost be gone by the time prices hit the all time low—so make sure to swoop these items up first. My advice if you really want to get the most out of the sale is to go at least twice. Try and use your intuition on deciding if an expensive piece is going to be sold out by the time prices get even lower. If you think it will be gone by then, buy it because you probably won’t see it again. LF will post on instagram when the prices hit the all time low, so I recommend going again and seeing what kind of gems you can find in the second round.  

6. Don’t be intimated. 

There is no doubt that LF can be an intimidating place. The workers always look so put together and perfect, and they may also look stressed out, but who wouldn’t be? LF always has friendly employees—even if you don’t get that vibe right away, so don’t be afraid of asking questions to better YOU and your shopping experience. 

The LF Sale is one of the happiest times of the year and I hope you all know how to better tackle what can be a hot mess with an “LF game plan” the next time you hit up a sale.

The sale was a hit for me this year, here are my favorite finds: 

Distressed denim jacket Carmar distressed denim shorts 

Distressed denim jacket
Carmar distressed denim shorts 

Carmar denim skirt Concho belt

Carmar denim skirt
Concho belt

Danielle Glanz