Staple Denim Jackets

Having some key denim staples can add SO much and act as a very versatile piece in your wardrobe. Sometimes it can be an investment but I say GO for it because in my opinion denim will always be in style for any season. Here are some pieces that I am specifically talking about: 

Vintage denim jacket. 

My vintage Levi’s denim jacket was handed down from me from my mom when she was my age and it fits like a glove. Almost every time I wear this jacket out I get some sort of compliment even though it's such a simple and easy piece to style. The quality is amazing and has clearly lasted for well over 25 years and is still in pristine shape. My advice: Splurge on a denim jacket that you love and that you know will last. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.47.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.49.09 PM.png


“Light” denim jacket. 

What I mean by “light” is that it’s not fully a jacket, but also not fully a shirt—it’s kind of an awkward in-between. But embrace this awkward in-between because these are probably my favorite pieces of denim that I own because it’s so easy to wear for any occasion. It’s easy because it’s not so heavy and you can literally fit it in anything (I’ve tried). I’ve found a ton of these at Zara and Asos.


Distressed denim jacket.

This is a SUPER must in my wardrobe. Distressed denim adds so much to your look without even trying. I’l usually pair this with simpler pieces, like a simple romper, swing dress, or even denim shorts. If I’m wearing denim on denim, it will always be with a distressed jacket and distressed shorts. I think the combination is so killer. Distressed denim jackets are super easy to find and I can almost assure you that any clothing store will have some variation of this. Really not sure what it is but I think that this look adds so much style and edge to any individual. 

IMG_1543 copy.jpg


Patched denim jacket. 

Patched denim is super unique and just another way to switch up the denim jackets in your wardrobe. I think they always look good with any outfit—especially with denim on denim or layering pieces. Urban Outfitters has a million different jackets that fit this criteria. You can also find these thrifting if you're lucky. 


Unique denim pieces.

In a world of unlimited denim, there are so many different styles out there. What I mean by “unique denim pieces” is denim with crazy cool patches, embroidery, holes, patterns, patches, anything that makes it stand out from the rest. I for one really appreciate seeing these kinds of unique pieces. If you want to take more of a look at this, Urban Outfitters does an amazing job with this—especially with their “Urban Renewal” line where every single piece is unique and one of kind. Topshop also does an outstanding job with this, I’ve always admired their very different and unique designs on their jeans. There are so many places like this that I have to list a few—do yourself a favor and check it out: 

Danielle Glanz