Summer Trends Recap

This summer was pretty wild with different trends emerging left and right. Let’s look back on what we saw this season: 

1. Denim skirts were freaking everywhere and I was living for it. 

As a preteen, I was all about the denim skirt life and I couldn’t be more thrilled that the trend is back and honestly better than ever. I think denim skirts add such a perfect touch of both girls and edgy.



2. RED is the NEW BLACK.

So I'm making a whole separate post on this because I'm obsessed. If you know me, I wear black on black literally every day of my life—and yes, even in the summer. (insert black on black picture). While I was still consistently adding black to my wardrobe, this strange thing happened where I started adding just as much red. This happened around the fourth of July, it’s obvious the reasons why there is so many red pieces in every single store, but this year I noticed that this didn’t go away like it has in the past. This was a great excuse to add more color into my


3. Culottes were everything. 

It took me a little while to hop on to loving this trend because I realized that culottes are definitely a hard piece to shop for. Culottes are an item that you actually do need to go into stores and try on because there are so many different ways this can go wrong with the length and sizing. Personally, I found the most amazing culottes at Zara and Topshop. With so many different styles and colors, I found that they also had the best quality and most flattering fit.  


4. Denim on denim.

This trend was big this summer and I really realized how well denim on denim works for the summer season. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is about it but I do know that it works. My favorite look with this was pairing a distressed denim longline jacket with distressed denim shorts or a skirt. I usually would wear this with a strapless top and some killer booties.


5. Strapless tops were a little overplayed, but so cute.


You see these everywhere and are probably tired of seeing them (well at least I am) BUT I can’t help myself from buying them. They literally go with everything and they are so unbelievably comfortable. My faves were the smocked tops that securely stayed on your body and didn’t move because there are many that are made poorly which cause you to constantly be pulling up—and that’s not cute. I also really loved strapless lace-up corset inspired tops and pairing these with culottes! Match made in heaven.

6. Gingham. 

This is a trend that I can honestly say I never hopped on to. I don’t know exactly what it is but i was just never a fan of the pattern. Maybe it’s because I have a gut feeling that I, and everyone else, are going to start hating on the trend like we did once with denim skirts. Who knows, but some people can pull this trend off and look ADORABLE. Personally, I thought gingham ruffle skirt look was the best. 



7. And lastly, ruffled sleeves.

Okay, now this is a trend I think is phenomenal. I LOVE different and unique pieces like this and I really enjoyed seeing all the bubble and ruffle sleeves in average tops. It’s really a way to dress up an outfit with some simple clean jeans or trousers. I think this is something that will definitely carry on. 



So all in all, I was quite surprised and very happy with how many awesome trends I saw boom this summer. I wonder what we have in store for this next season…… Or maybe just stay tuned to read about it.

Danielle Glanz