The One-Shoulder is BACK

Remember that trend from so long ago that somehow fell off the face of the earth and since then every time you saw it (until this point) you would cringe? That's this trend. At some point we stopped cringing and started embracing it. I am ALL for trends that can transform your whole look into something so unique, and the one-shoulder does exactly that. This trend is for sure a TBT, but now it's current and emerging fashion statement that's bold as hell. 

Now the dilemma is that we see this trend coming in to play during the Fall and Winter season, which is interesting. It seems impractical to have one side of your body bare and the other snug and warm, but let's see how this trend plays out this season.

My favorite way to style this trend is with one-shoulder body suits tucked into a jean skirts or trousers/culottes. I absolutely love how it can be so easily dressed up or dressed down. It also looks killer with your favorite choker combo layered on top. 

Danielle Glanz