Fall Must Have: Trousers

Who would have ever though that TROUSERS would be stylish in our generation? I know for sure that I never thought they would be. Trousers have this weird connotation with mens pants or the ugly pant suits that older women wear to their boring full time jobs. That said, I think we have all seen this trend come in hot over the past few months. Not sure how designers did it but they somehow made trousers look amazing and so incredibly stylish. There are SO many different kinds and styles of trousers that it's insane. 

Right now, I really love seeing trousers with a flare and ruffles on the bottoms. 

My personal faves are culottes. I think this trend is literally amazing because it embodies so much class and so much trend all in one. I am all about looking professional and business casual mixed with an edgy element at the same time. And I've figured out how to style these down to a tee when it comes to just that: 

IMG_1759 2.JPG
Danielle Glanz