Zara's New Collection Picks

It's no secret that Zara is one of my all time favorite stores. Why? Because they always deliver a dynamic and innovative line of fashion and trends each season. This season is no different, and here I will be giving you my personal top picks of their new collection. (note: all pictures are linked) 

1. Platform Sneakers

In this collection I noticed that Zara is really pushing platform sneakers. While this is a huge trend right now, Zara has a ... different take on it. Some of the platforms are ridiculous in my opinion — but also genius in the way that I don't know who would ever think of the design. My top pick would be these star platform sneakers. These shoes are giving me big, chunky, retro vibes and would look good with any mom jean or trouser. 

2. Long Scarves 

When I say long, I mean long. We can see with the new collection that there is a clear emphasis with scarves as a statement piece to your outfit. With scarves in pretty much every color, Zara is really giving us an awesome way to rock scarves in a different way this year, opposed to the traditional loop and infinity style. Wear wrapped around your neck once, or not even at all, and let the scarf hang own to your knees. This totally gives a model off duty vibe. 

3. Metal Ring Detail Bag

This is the trend in bags right now, thank you to Chloe, and of course Zara made sure to incorporate this into their new collection of bags. From just a minor ring detail, to a dramatic metal ring handle, there are a ton of pieces that you'll find. My favorite has to be this one - with the whole handle as the ring. The style of this bag is so unique with the brown crocodile design with the dramatic circular handle - and at a very affordable price. This will definitely be on my wish list. 

4. Midi Skirts 

I have a feeling that midi skirts are going to be the next big thing in early 2018, and Zara is the first place that I’ll be looking. This animal print leopard midi skirt is to die for, it creates such a fun look yet somehow looks extremely elegant. I would wear this to a business event tucked in with a blouse or sweater, or even wear it out with a killer bodysuit and statement clutch.

5. Color! 

It’s obviously not warm everywhere right now—some places it’s freezing. This new collection is doing a great job not jumping right into spring like some stores BUT they are in fact incorporating all the Spring colors we’re going to start seeing everywhere soon. Their knit section makes me so excited to start wearing color, and even in sweater form.

Danielle Glanz