What I Wore: Holiday OOTD

This year was one of my favorite holiday seasons. I got to celebrate in Los Angeles with family and loved ones for a very sunny and a very filling holiday. Here are the outfits that my handsome boyfriend and I chose to wear this year: 


This holiday season I decided to go for a simple and classic look. I paired my favorite jeans at the moment with a beautiful chiffon ruffled top (all will be linked below). These lace-up jeans were the focus of my outfit and were such a hit! They fit flawlessly and the frayed hem worked very well with the Sbicca mules I chose for shoes. This outfit is perfect for the holidays because it's elegant and trendy without trying too hard.


For a more casual look, throw on a vintage denim jacket. This one is a Levi's jacket handed down to me from my mother when she was in her 20's. The fit couldn't be more perfect and I highly recommend investing on a nice jean jacket if you don't have one already - Levi's clearly lasts forever. 



This is the perfect holiday outfit for men in my opinion. Pairing a nice flannel, dark wash or black jeans, and some dress shoes is always a good idea for the holiday season and for family gatherings. You can easily find similar flannels at almost every clothing store for men, but Costco is probably the way to go. He got these jeans at Banana Republic and the shoes at Nordstrom. 


All in all, it was a beautiful holiday for us both! Hope you had a wonderful one as well, HAPPY 2018 WYLD SOULS! 

Danielle Glanz