The Scarf Trends For 2018

Scarves are underrated—especially with how much you can dress up or down any look by adding this chic accessory. Currently, the scarves I've been absolutely loving are logo/slogan scarves and knee-length scarves. I think both of these styles look best simply draped around your neck, opposed to the infinity loop scarves we've seen everywhere in previous years.

Slogan/Logo Scarves

This is one of the biggest trends of the season, especially due to the popularity of the powerful statements being made on issues centered around politics, feminism, self worth, equality, etc., and tying this back into fashion. 

Scarf: Asos 

Scarf: Asos 


To me, fashion gives anyone the ability to express themselves and how they're feeling without having to speak a word. This slogan/logo trend is amazing because it speaks without having to say anything. It makes the scarf unique in its kind with the contrast in words and bold color. 

Knee-length Scarves

This is huge for 2018, and such a fun way to incorporate a simple statement into your outfit. My favorites are all from Zara, they are killing it with this trend in their new collection. I think this adds a stunning focal point to any casual outfit. I would pair this with an outfit made up of basics, booties and a knee-length scarf draped around my neck. For an edgier look, loop once and tighten around your neck, like a choker.

Danielle Glanz