The Fall Accessories I've Been Obsessed With...

White Mid-Calf Booties

Starting off with a major obsession right now… mid-calf booties. Specifically in the color white. I think this style adds such a statement to your outfit and totally transforms your whole look. A few of my favorite instagram bloggers have been rocking this look and have totally inspired me to get a pair. My fave way to see this is with shift dresses.



Fanny Packs AKA Belt/Waist Bags

Fanny packs… but make it fashion. Yes, suddenly the bags that used to be considered “embarrassing” became cool again. Designers finally discovered a new way to wear these bags instead of just around our waists, and they are everywhere in the fashion world. Thank you Supreme x Louis Vuitton. Not only do they elevate your outfit, but they are super practical and hands-free!


Tortoise Chunky Earrings

I’ve noticed myself gravitate toward tortoise print earrings lately and I cannot stop. I think this is the cutest + funnest print to wear in accessories right now. These look SO good with fall basics - specifically with a high pony, sweater, jeans, and booties. Boom, you’re instantly wearing a chic outfit to any event or even just to the office.


Far Left Pair: Click here

Middle Pair: Click here

Far Right Pair: Click here

Coin Necklaces

Similar to the one above, coin necklaces are such an easy way to make any look more interesting. You can get these necklaces in almost any price range (linked below) - I’ve purchased cheap ones for layering and I totally recommend for if you just want to style it a few times. One of my favorite ways to style this accessory is with low cut tops/bodysuits/dresses because it creates such a gorgeous, elegant, and boujee focal point.


Adina’s Jewels Coin Necklace - $88

Forever 21 Coin Necklaces - $5

Urban Outfitters Coin Necklace - $20

Tall Socks + Sneakers

If you’ve seen my insta then you would know how much I love the chunky sneaker trend right now. Pairing tall socks with these chunky sneakers really creates an oddly flattering look. It adds a lot of dimension to your outfit and gives you the transition to a high fashion street look. I’d pair this with an oversized blazer + shorts, the utility romper trend, or a girly dress for an interesting contrast.


Urban Outfitters - huge $$ range

Chain Belts

I have been grabbing a belt with every outfit I style at the moment — especially chain belts. This creates a flattering addition to any outfit because it cinches the waste in style. I love pairing statement belts to shirt dresses and oversized t-shirts. Wear with chunky sneakers or pointed booties.



Danielle Glanz