How to Style: Foil Midi Skirt

I’ve come to realize that this is an unpopular opinion, but I have been loving unique midi skirts this season — especially ones that make a statement, like this gold foil skirt. I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily “on trend” right now but I can’t get enough of them. Regardless of the trends, I absolutely love this look because it’s so unique and is it weird that I like that some people dislike it? I love wearing pieces that go against the crowd because why be like everyone else? Looks that stand out and that are unique are my favorite thing in the fashion world.



There are so many ways you can pair a skirt like this one. Dress it up with nice jewelry and a heel, or dress it down to create a high fashion street-style look. In the look below, I paired this foil midi skirt with a graphic tee and chunky sneakers. I will say that my mom almost refused to take this photo because she completely did not understand this outfit. BUT like I said before, it’s no fun to always look the same as everyone else. This outfit was inspired by some of my favorite NYFW street style looks.


To dress this skirt up a bit, I would go for how I paired it in this next look below. A nice pair of leather pointed toe booties and a high-neck bodysuit. This would also look AMAZING with a turtleneck/sweater bodysuit for these next winter months (would wear this if it wasn’t 85 degrees in San Diego)… Perfect to wear to any nice event or dinner. Pair with a chic clutch, wear your hair in a high-pony with some chunky earrings and you’re good to go.


To touch more on accessorizing with this skirt, I always go for my coin necklaces. I thought they really tied in the whole look together with the contrast of the black on black (boots and top) and the gold on gold (skirt and necklace). I wore this to a stylist event, and then again to a brunch (yes, outfit repeating but point is it worked for either event). I got a ton of compliments and let me tell ya, you really stand out with the foil.

here are some of my favorites: (BRAND NAME LINKED)


Tiger print: NA-KD

Snake print: ASOS

Top left (Shimmery Gold): Urban Outfitters

Top right (Blue Floral): Urban Outfitters

Bottom left (velvet rust color): Miss Selfridge

Bottom right (Pleated Gold): Sans Souci (this is the one I’m wearing)



Danielle Glanz