She Styled What by Danielle

Long time, no see.

As you could probably tell - I took a little break from my blog, which was formerly called WYLD SOULS. I’ll get to explaining down below, but pretty much I needed some time to think and reflect on where I saw my brand and my vision going. This has led me to make the final decision on a rebranding of my new blog. Which is now called…

I am so excited and happy with the new name of my blog. So, why the rebrand and the new name?

Basically, I was getting super bored of the name and not happy with my old blog name and I’ve been wanting some kind of change. Around 3 months ago, the name “SHE STYLED WHAT’ came to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I made the change and I am confident about this name/brand/blog and with where I want this to go.

My previous blog and website name, wyld souls, is still something that I’m super passionate about. This is a project I’m going to create and produce someday—and while I thought it would be a straight out of college project, the timing was not right for now. This is still in my future, and I decided it would be even better to take things in the direction that I am solely focused on now - and that is creating every day fashion and style inspiration. Most of my audience are young adults who want style inspo, to see what I’m wearing and where I wear it to. You most likely want to see what the latest fashions and trends are, or maybe something super crazy that I decided to style myself in (which is honestly a lot lol).

Hence, choosing the name SHE STYLED WHAT.

I feel like I have been continuously immersing myself into the fashion blogging community by stepping out of my comfort zone and attending events, and by meeting so many amazing & passionate fashion bloggers. In doing all of this, it has really made me think about what I look for in a fashion blogger. Something that really sticks out to me, personally, is when someone has a memorable blog or instagram name and carries it through to both platforms. This is exactly what I envision for myself.

Some things that you can expect from this new rebranding as SHE STYLED WHAT are things like…

SHESTYLEDWHAT x Valentine’s Day

Trust me, the list will go on.
So in short, I’m excited to create this new brand. Thanks so much for reading this and for following along with me as SHE STYLED WHAT.

I hope my words can actually convey how excited and passionate I am about this. I hope you’re excited as well.


With love,


Danielle Glanz