Wyld Souls x Coachella Style Guide


With Coachella being just a little over 2 weeks away now — I have composed a HUGE Coachella style guide that I hand picked. This took me such a long time and I'm so excited to finally share this with you all! I created 4 different categories based on the type of people that I see at Coachella: 1. Stand-Outs [risk-takers], 2. Boho [coachella vibe], 3. On-Trend ["in" clothing], 4. Basics [accessorize & dress up], and lastly a TON of amazing accessories that I found in various places. 

I'm obsessed with every single clothing and accessory item on this list. Enjoy and send in pictures of anything you buy from this list at Coachella. Everything is LINKED.

have a wyld chella xoxo

1. Stand-Outs


2. Boho


3. On-Trend

4. Basics

5. Accessories

Danielle Glanz