My Go-To Spring Denim

Patched, deconstructed, renewed, whatever you want to call it, this denim trend has been around for a while - but this is without a doubt my go-to denim for spring. I'm so drawn to the combination of light-wash mixed with dark-wash denim into one clothing piece. In my eyes, the patched look adds such an exciting and interesting focal point to any look. I absolutely love the vintage and one-of-a-kind vibe that this pattern gives off. 

This is a trend that allows for creativity and expression. Here are some ways that I would style this.

On the top...

Patched denim jackets are without a doubt my favorite kind of jean jacket. Style it with a jean-on-jean look or with multi-colored denim to spice it up. This kind of outerwear looks perfect paired with any spring romper.


On the bottom...

I absolutely love denim culottes. I’m still trying to find myself a pair of patched denim culottes but I haven’t had any luck. This is definitely a hard find, and definitely a statement piece. I would style this look with a simple straight neckline bodysuit to keep it simple up top and have the focus on your bottoms. 

Danielle Glanz