Wyld For Spring


I'm definitely with Miranda on this one. Florals aren’t doing it for me this spring - naturally, I want to do something wyld this season. Lately I’ve been gravitating toward literally everything leopard print. And for me, this is my personal favorite trend at the moment. In the past month I’ve purchased two different pairs of leopard printed pants and a pair of leopard printed mules. I cannot stop. 

So, how can you rock leopard for spring when it’s such an unusual look? Pair with a lighter color palette. Light-washed jeans, neutral colored basics, and light denim. For a night time look, I’d go with darks of course. 

Here's one of my go-to spring looks incorporating leopard print. The yellow bodysuit really brings out the brighter and neutral toned colors in these leopard printed jeans. I added some white platform sneakers to finish off the perfect spring leopard look. 

spring leopard.JPG

In this nighttime look, I grabbed a black turtle neck and my black booties with the leopard palazzo pants as the focal point. Clearly, this doesn’t scream “spring” (for the record - I was in South Lake Tahoe and it was 40 degrees out) but I think this adds an exciting edge to this season. 


Try out some wyld prints this spring! 

Danielle Glanz