10 Ways To Wear The Western Trend | SS '18

Old West fashion really took it over the top on the runway. While this is definitely not what we will be seeing on the streets or incorporating into our own everyday wardrobes, it gives us some inspiration on how to wear these Western-inspired looks. In my opinion, this trend is a super fun way to incorporate new and unique pieces into your summer wardrobe. 


A lot of the western spring/summer iterations that we are seeing in fashion are satin two-tone Western button-down shirts, coordinating trousers, cowboy boots, black leather, gold studs, and buckle details. A lot of these are similar to what we see or already have in our wardrobe. If you want to try out this trend, here is how you can interpret it for yourself: 

All pictures are linked.

1. Western Embroidery 

2. Fringed Jackets 

3. Fringed Vests 

4. Western Booties 

5. Button-Downs 

6. Bandana Inspired Neck Scarf

7. Cowboy Inspired Hats 

8. Buckle Detail

9. Western Animal Prints

10. Western-Inspired Jewelry 

Danielle Glanz