My Favorite Places to Buy Denim

Finding affordable, durable, and flattering jeans can be really hard. I've gone through the struggle and I have finally found where I can rely on for buying my jeans. Here's where they are: 

1. Zara

Zara is at the top of my list because I have thoroughly loved every single pair of jeans (and trouser) that I have purchased from this store. They also have extremely unique and trending styles in their stores. The only thing is that their European sizes can be off sometimes — I would recommend going into the store to try on the jeans. 

2. Urban Outfitters - BDG 

Urban Outfitters can definitely be on the pricier side. But I did have to include this one because I've had 3 pairs of BDG jeans that I bought years ago and are still in pristine condition. This said, UO can be an awesome investment in my experience. UO kills it on the vintage inspired and simple jeans. 

3. ASOS 

Ugh, I love ASOS. ASOS is usually my go to (aside from Zara) if I'm looking for a specific style or just a unique style of jean. They have what seems to be hundreds and hundreds of styles and at a really affordable price in my opinion. 

4. Topshop 

Like Urban Outfitters, Topshop is usually always on the pricier side. A lot of the time though I find that Topshop jeans will go on sale and that's usually when I swoop on a pair. I also really love second-hand shopping my Topshop jeans on Poshmark, I can always find jeans for half the price on this app #notsponsored. Topshop always has crazy and unique styles that I love for when I wanna shake things up in my closet. 

Danielle Glanz