Here's What to Wear for Summer 2018

If you're looking for some new summer pieces to amp up your wardrobe for this long awaited season, then here are 9 items that are all musts for me. All the pieces below are linked - can I get an amen? You're welcome & enjoy. 

1. Espadrilles

My #1 shoe choice for the summer. If you're someone who likes to keep it simple with outfits (especially for the summer) this simple shoe adds so much of a summer vibe to any outfit. Wear this to any daytime event - BBQs, farmers markets, brunches & lunches, shopping etc.

2. Tie-Front Tops 

This trend is everywhere, and a separate blog posts on how to wear these tops is coming soon. This has to be my favorite style of top this summer, they just add such a fun focus point to an outfit.

3. Statement Earrings 

Think big. Especially for summer when you're most likely going to be wearing your hair up half the time in a bun/ponytail. This style of earrings make it look like you have it all together. We all need that, right?  

5. Stripes

I've been loving stripes for summer, specifically lighter and pastel colored stripes that add a beachy vibe to a look. 

6. Straw Hats & Bags 

If you haven't already seen the straw trend going around, it's everywhere. In my opinion, these straw pieces scream summer with the picnic/vacay vibes. Absolutely perfect for the season. 

7. Fruit-Inspired Prints 

Cherries, lemons, and oranges, oh my. The ever-popular lemon print is back for the second summer in a row. We saw this lemon print everywhere last summer, and now we're seeing almost every fruit on different clothing pieces for summer. 

8. Linen Fabric Clothing 

I've especially been loving two-piece linen sets, rompers, and wrap-dresses. I think this fabric could not be a better match for summer time. These pieces can easily be transformed in a day to night time look. 

9. Polka Dots

Not much else for me to say besides I think polka dots are essential for summer and create such a fun look to any outfit. Polka dot body suits and two piece sets have to be my favorite right now. 

Danielle Glanz