7 Packing Tips For Your Europe Vacay

Whether you're taking your dream trip or just planning for a future one, I have you covered for how to start packing for your European vacation. 

1. Sneakers over heels. 

Trust me when I say that I am the first person to choose heels over sneakers, but in this case it was definitely the opposite. If you're planing on doing a lot of walking (you probably will be doing more than you think), chances are you're going to be grabbing for your sneakers instead of booties/heels. Also consider the cobblestone streets that are almost everywhere in Europe!!!! Don't leave your heels at home, but plan out places you want to take photos at and bring a change of shoes in a backpack to easily change in to! 


2. Dresses, Rompers, & Two-Piece Sets.


Dresses, rompers, and two-piece sets will be your best friends when you want to get ready quickly in the morning to go out and adventure. Accessorize these with the right items and you have an effortlessly cute and trendy look. I stocked up on two-piece sets, rompers, and dresses before coming to Europe and I am so glad I did. 


3. Ditch the heavy jackets & sweaters.

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One of my biggest regrets of packing was thinking that I would actually need a heavy jacket/sweater. This took up a TON of room and weight in my luggage. So unless you’re planning on visiting Europe in the winter, bring a mix of LIGHT layers rather than bulky jacket/sweaters. Plus, this will save space AND make your outfits more interesting with all the layers.


4. Belt bags.


Belt bags are super in style right now & what better timing for your Europe trip?! I saw belt bags literally everywhere in Europe, and you can get one ranging from designer to budget-friendly prices. It’s important to choose a bag that won’t weight you down at the end of the day because the last thing you want is to make several trips back to your room during the day to drop things off! Plus, this doubles as a super cute accessory. 



5. Choose lighter & brighter colors.

light and bright.JPG

You do not want to wear dark clothing in your photos because they will not blend well with the background. Plus, it's way more fun dressing in brighter colors - I would go for bright tones like yellows, oranges and reds! 


6. Accessorize. 


Don’t go overboard on the amount of accessories you bring, but definitely bring some statement pieces. I found that it was super easy to make an outfit you already wore look brand new with some key accessories. Some of my favorites during this trip were belts, berets, and square scarves.


7. Versatility is KEY.

The best thing I did when packing for my trip was making sure that my dresses and tops were versatile enough that I could easily make the transition from day-to-night. If you’re planning on going out at all, bring dresses that can be styled and worn from day to night so you get the most of what you pack! Here are some suggestions: 

Also going along with thinking versatile, bring tops and bottoms that you could easily pair with other items that you brought on your trip. 

Some Other Tips...

  • Bring bug spray - If you're going somewhere that is humid/by the water, chances are you're going to need this (I got attacked in Italy). 
  • Bring sunscreen - this is extremely important, obviously. 
  • Bring go-to travel day clothes - I wore cotton culottes that literally felt like PJs on our travel days (best thing ever).
  • Bring hats - you won't want to do your hair every single day (baker boy hats were my bffs).
  • Bring dry shampoo - don't know what I would have done without this. 

Hope you all have so much fun on your trips - and if you have any questions, reach out!


stay wyld



Danielle Glanz