Trends to Bring into Fall

Weirdly enough, I'm actually looking forward to fall this year?? At this point in August, I'm usually dreading the thought of letting go of summer. Not really sure what changed, but this year I'm actually looking forward to the season (probably because I'm living in San Diego this fall). And because of this, I decided to write a blog post of all the trends that I'm excited to bring in to Fall '18. 

fanny packs.png


You can’t deny how powerful you feel with this accessory draped across your chest. It’s a statement, and so easy and comfortable to wear. What more could you want for the perfect fall accessory? This is my favorite accessory to see on street fashion and street wear. Literally, you could be wearing a simple outfit and pairing this along with it will take your look up a notch.

midi skirts.png

Midi skirts and dresses are my all time favorite summer to fall trend right now. It is such a chic look to pair a midi skirt or dress with a killer pointed toe. In this look I paired a denim midi skirt (click here for the same one) with my go-to white pair of booties. 


I know, "animal print again??” yes but try something outside from the usual cheetah print fur coats for fall. I've seen bold tiger stripes and snow leopard designs from different designer collections and they are all so stunning. Always down for some wyld prints.



One of my faves for pretty much every single season this year. Slides are so easy to throw on in the morning for work or school. During the summer, I loved the macrame and fun printed slides. For fall I'll be rocking leather, animal prints, and printed suede slides. 
+ Pair with trousers/culottes/skirts

busy prints.png

Pairing busy prints like the ones above is so unique, and definitely an eye catcher. This summer, I saw a ton of different mixed print looks that I am ready to see in the fall as well. When trying out this trend, I would add at least one neutral shade or accessory to your outfit to break it up. 
+Pair polka dots w/ stripes
+Pair florals w/ animal prints


You love it or you hate it. This is what I like to call “ugly fashion”. Thank you to Balenciaga, the designer describes this fashion as “ugly, that’s why we like it”. It’s so over the top that it’s high-fashion, it’s a huge focal point, and it works. This trend is amazing because it’s almost like an anti-trend, we’re supposed to want our footwear to be cute and sleek, but there’s no denying the clunk and bulk of this style. Here are some of the most popular styles right now, and some of my faves:

Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker

FILA Disruptors


Calling all ladies who live in jumpsuits/rompers like I do: this is going to be your favorite staple for fall. I'm in love with this masculine-inspired and utilitarian twist on our flirty summer rompers — this is the perfect transition with this type of one-piece. Pair with a statement shoe and cross body bag and you're good to sport this style. Click here for the same one I'm wearing. 

Danielle Glanz