My August Fashion Recap

Hey babes! I'm going to be starting a monthly fashion + style recap for you all. These posts will share everything I've been loving & wearing for the month. Hope you all enjoy this and take some inspo! xx

been wearing.png

I've said it once and I'll say it again, these jumpsuits are such a power move. Literally, I cannot think of a scenario where utility jumpsuits would not be a good look. Casual day out? Wear with white platforms. Night out? Wear with stiletto booties. These jumpsuits are such a trendy thing to throw on and I'm obsessed. I've seen so many stores and brands selling this style, here are just a few linked below: 

flared jeans .png

I mean come on, skinny jeans are just so boring. I love to shake things up and keep things interesting, and flared jeans help me do exactly that. For the past month, these have been the only style of jeans that I reach for. I already have new order of flared jeans on the way... the obsession is coming in strong for fall, stay tuned. Pair with your favorite oversized & off the shoulder sweater for an effortless LOOK. 

denim midi.png

MINI skirts are canceled. Why? Because we're getting classier for fall ladies!!! These down-to-your-knee skirts are so chic and actually so hard to pull off if you're not tall. So finding the perfect one (+ pairing with heels for all you shorties like me) is super exciting. *finds one perfect midi skirt and is suddenly obsessed* me. My fave look is going with an animal print midi skirt (specifically cheetah, of course) or in denim. Pair with any bodysuit for a sleek look. 

Zara Midi Denim Skirt | ASOS Midi Button Down Skirt | Forever 21 Denim Midi Skirt

been loving.png
color beige.png

Oddly specific, but it's true. Recently, something has drawn me to this color. I cannot stop buying things in beige or taupe, it's a problem. Beige is probably (definitely) going to be my new obsession color this season, LMK if you feel the same. Some beige gems are linked below: 

chunky sneakers.png

Okay, I know this was in my last post, but I just have to say it again. Chunky sneakers are literally everything and I am l i v i n g for this trend right now. I seriously think they look cute in every single picture I see them in, is this normal??? Currently wishing I had around a thousand dollars to blow on Balenciaga's Triple S sneaker, but for now I will be making due with these dupes: 

Fila Disruptors | Nike M2K Tekno | Sketchers


Super simple, but I think scrunchies are such a fun accessory to dress up a basic outfit. Love these worn in a high messy pony tail, or even space buns if you can pull that off! (I sure can't). Best part: not getting a crease in your hair after having your hair up. Some cute ones for fall are linked below! Pair with high waisted jeans, a graphic tee, and your fave sneakers or booties for a LOOK.


Pretty sure this print has been a huge love of mine for like 5 months now. Clearly, it's not stopping soon so I wanted to include it here! This print is just so fun and flirty in my opinion. It dresses any outfit up and it's so easy to make a look more feminine! 

Danielle Glanz